George and the Dragon

George and the Dragon

George and the Dragon

By: Nicola Moss
Medium: cast bronze
Size: 116 x 103mm
Cast at High Wycombe and finished by the artist
Issue: The Medal, no. 10 (1986)
Edition: 96


About this medal the artist writes: ‘George is in the midst of combat with the fearful sly dragon. The battle is long and never-ending. While George tries to bridle the dragon into his control (almost, but not quite succeeding), a maiden has been waiting for him to rescue her. Unfortunately, because George is taking such a long time, the maiden is having to take action to save herself in her own way. She cuts her hair, in order to become strong and independent. A fish swims in the currents, a creature that lives with the ebb and flow of life, and with the rise and fall of the tides as they follow the moon.

Although the maiden has had to take on strengths attributable to men to save herself, the fish swims to remind us she is still very much a woman.’