About The Membership

About The Membership

About The Membership


The Membership year begins on 1 January or 1 July. Members joining between 1 October and the following 31 March will be deemed to have joined on 1 January.  Members joining between 1 April and 31 September will be deemed to have joined on 1 July. Members will receive the first copy of The Medal published after their actual date of joining. 

There are four categories of membership:

  1. Ordinary Members pay £25 per annum to the Society, receive The Medal and must buy at least one medal each membership year.
  2. Associate Members pay £40 per annum to the Trust if in the UK or £45 per annum outside the UK (to cover extra postage costs). They receive The Medal  twice yearly and although are not obliged to buy any medals but may do so if they wish.
  3. Corporate Members pay £60 per annum to the Society and receive The Medal twice yearly. Individuals who belong to the institution concerned may enjoy the benefits of membership by arrangement with the Treasurer.
  4. Student Members living in the UK or Overseas pay £20.00 per annum to the Society and is available to anyone in full time education at school or who is a university/college student. Student Members receive The Medal twice yearly.

To join BAMS, or renew your membership, please click here.


The Medal is published every Spring and Autumn and is received by all current members. Other works are also published by the Trust; those currently available are listed in the shop.

UK members also receive the Money & Medals Newsletter, published three times a year by a group of numismatic and medallic organisations. Members living abroad can opt to receive an electronic version of the Newsletter by contacting BAMS secretary Janet Larkin via [email protected]


The Society aims to issue 4 new medals each year (usually 2 new pieces each Spring and Autumn). Each medal is available for eighteen months, after which an edition is closed and the edition number declared. The edition may close earlier if a maximum edition of 100 has been reached. Previous medals with a declared edition may still be bought if stock is still available. Use the ‘Availability’ filter in the Shop or Gallery to see which medals are available.

Other Services

These include advising on how to go about commissioning and producing a medal, sponsoring medal competitions, providing a forum for artists, and organising exhibitions, lectures, conferences and visits.