Weathered the Storm

Weathered the Storm

Weathered the Storm


By: Matt Evans
Medium: cast bronze
Size: 40mm
Cast by The Mobile Foundry
Issue: The Medal, no. 78 (2021)
Edition: 23


Matt Evans (b. 1996) is a sculptor who lives and works in Cornwall. Having originally studied fine art at Falmouth University, he has expanded into furniture-making and blacksmithing, but always returns to the fascinating medium of medal-making whenever possible.

About his BAMS medal, Weathered the Storm, he writes: ‘As an artist living in the depths of Cornwall, one cannot escape the ever-present cycle of the seasons. As the seasons of the years take their toll, it is easy to see the passage of time in the twisted trees and fallen leaves of the wild coast. The most wonderful result of this is, once the winter storms break and the leaves begin to grow, bright new life blossoms from the old. The most beautiful contrast of age and youth living in perfect balance comes to the fore every spring. This medal is another year passed. Perhaps this year – more difficult than most – can be likened to a particularly harsh winter, but with spring comes warmth and growth.’