Way Out

Way Out

Way Out


By: Maya Graber
Medium: cast bronze
Size: 93 x 109mm
Cast by Lunts Castings
Issue: The Medal, no. 73 (2018)
Edition: 42


Maya Graber (b. 1974) is a sculptor and medallist working in Switzerland. Her medal studies took place at the University of Fine Art Burg Giebichenstein, Germany, where she completed her masters. She is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medaillenkunst and FIDEM, and in 2017 was guest speaker at the BAMS annual conference in Carmarthen. She shows regularly in exhibitions. Medals are an important part of her work, as she enjoys the possibility of creating pieces on political and poetical themes at a small size.

About her BAMS medalthe artist writes: ‘What is more obvious at this time than to discuss Brexit? Way Out shows an endless staircase with the British lion ambling up it. Maybe in the wrong direction? The European bull is waiting to see what happens, but is not being very helpful. On the reverse is a text from the French poet Blaise Pascal: “The universe is a circle whose centre is everywhere, whose circumference is nowhere.” The phrase is written in a whirlpool, opening from the emblematic trident.’