The Medal (issue 76, Spring 2020)

The Medal (issue 76, Spring 2020)

The Medal (issue 76, Spring 2020)


Front and backcover



A changed world



Fra Antonio’s circle in Treviso

Nicolò Vonica, Nicolò Tempesta and Lorenzo Lotto

Giulia Zaccariotto



Peace for the avaricious

Amsterdam city council’s Peace of Rijswijk medal

Jan Pelsdonk


From one artist to another

Georgia Powell


Recovered medals

The enigma within the medal

Kerstin Östberg


Medals in low-melting alloys, graphite moulds – and gemstones

Megan Karjo, Constantina Sinani, Coryn Le and Mark Benvenuto



The Scher collection of commemorative medals, edited by Stephen K. Scher and Aimee Ng

Robert Wellington


Der Medailleur und Stempelschneider Albrecht Krieger. Medaillenkunst des Barock in Leipzig, by Mirko Schröder

Rainer Grund


Publications noted




Medals from BAMS

New medals

Medals still available