Seek The Shore, Seek A New Life

Seek The Shore, Seek A New Life

Seek The Shore, Seek A New Life


Tina Avery

Seek The Shore, Seek A New Life

2023, cast bronze, 65 x 68mm

Cast by Lockbund Foundry

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Tina Avery (b. 1967) worked in conservation architecture until 2022, when she went to study silversmithing and jewellery full time at Glasgow School of Art. Her medal, Seek the Shore, Seek a New Life, won the grand first prize in the 2023. This winning medal is now made available to BAMS members.

The artist writes: ‘Migration is a deeply human endeavour. We leave a known place to find somewhere new to live. There are many reasons why we leave, sometimes by choice, at others from necessity. In modern times this movement is difficult and complicated due to controlled borders and varying views on ethnicity and nationality. The label “migrant” seems now to be derogatory, the person arriving is often unwanted. In this medal I wanted to depict human movement that has happened across the centuries. On the obverse, an ancient Greek girl is travelling to a colony in Turkey. On the reverse a young boy is escaping conflict in the twenty-first century, setting off from Turkish shores to look for sanctuary in Greece. ‘