Lee Jones: Metaxy, 2021, cast porcelain, 100 x 100 x 40mm.

Cast by Carly Breame

Edition: 20

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Lee Jones (b.1974) worked in the animation industry for ten years before joining the Royal Mint as one of the last trained engravers to work directly with steel and model using traditional methods. In his sixteen years with the Mint Jones has developed his role from engraver to product design lead, where he now manages artist development and the creative direction of coins, medals and bars.

About his BAMS medal, Metaxy, he writes: ‘The form of the medal is a Möbius strip, a single surface object with one edge. It perfectly exemplifies the notion of metaxy. My interpretation moves from Plato’s original definition of being between “beasts and the gods” by suggesting there is no finite state of development. The message is more concerned with our striving to improve our lot. Life could be considered a series of transitions as opposed to binary states and definitions. To demonstrate this the Möbius strip has no “end”, forever travelling into and out of darkness, always in-between. The material of porcelain implies fragility, that you should take care when on the path, its surface sculpted as a river suggesting you cannot be still but must move with its flow.’