Let It Go

Let It Go

Let It Go


By: Oleg Gavrizon
Medium: cast bronze
Size: 100mm
Cast by Lunts Castings
Issue: The Medal, no. 74 (2019)
Edition: 28



Oleg Gavrizon (b. 1962) was born in Tiraspol, Moldova, and has lived in Israel since 1990. He is president of the Israel Art Medal Association. He has been a member of FIDEM from 2000, since when he has participated in every FIDEM exhibition. His work has also been seen at the biennale exhibitions held in Seixal, Portugal, where it received an honourable mention in 2002. His designs have also won prizes in Japanese coin competitions and four international competitions in Israel. He teaches sculpture at the Basis (Base) School of Arts and Culture and New Artists Collegium (CAN).

The artist writes about his BAMS medal: ‘On the obverse is an image of a man and a bird. The phrase, “Let it go”, is repeated as in a mantra. This represents the uncertainty of what is happening and what will be. A flock of flying birds and the repetition of the phrase appear on the reverse. This reminds us of the unknown and of the mystery of making choices. Most of my work is related to one’s inner thoughts and questions in different situations and to their innumerable answers. I therefore chose Let it Go as the title for this medal.’