By: Zoe Pearce
Medium: cast bronze
Size: 76mm
Cast by Lunts Castings
Issue: The Medal, no. 72 (2018)
Edition: 35


Zoë Pearce (b. 1994) is a painter and medal maker based in London. Her first medals won prizes in successive BAMS Student Medal Projects, Geevor Lads taking the Grand Second Prize in 2015 and It is July on the Moorlands: Took the wrong path when descending a 520-metre-high sandstone hill winning a prize in 2016. She left Falmouth with a first class honours degree in 2016 and was one of twenty artists selected for the Falmouth Fine Art London showcase at the Underdog Gallery, Bermondsey. In the same year Geevor Lads was shown at the FIDEM XXXIV exhibition in Belgium. Pearce was chosen as BAMS New Medallist for 2016-17, for which she completed a month-long residency in Bulgaria under Professor Bogomil Nikolov and a week’s placement in the Royal Mint’s Engraving Department.

The artist writes: ‘In previous paintings and medals it has been that vastness, the solidarity, and the changing elements of our rural landscape that I have responded to. Yet for this medal it has interested me to look a bit closer at the smaller aspects of nature that exist within our landscape. The limpet. A living creature overlooked perhaps as just part of the rock face along our coastline. Suctioned and battling the tide, it is a creature that we don’t really associate with movement. However, it’s amazing to discover the sense of life these creatures have, and the impression they leave upon the rocks of our coastline. The medal conveys a scene of the limpet at home on the rock face, with the reverse revealing the carved pattern of grazing marks it leaves behind as it feeds upon the algae.’