Facet Medal

Facet Medal

Facet Medal

By: Niko de Wit, 2013
Medium: cast bronze
Size: 65 x 65 x 24mm

Edition: 22 (sold out)


The work of the Netherlands sculptor Niko de Wit (b. 1948) has evolved into an abstract-geometric art. While many of his sculptures are of a monumental size, their physical dimensions are irrelevant. When they are large, it is because the environment requires it. In a smaller form, as a medal or hand-held sculpture, they carry essentially the same message. His medals invite the viewer to pick them up and play with them. This is particularly true for his Facet Medal, now issued by BAMS in a special limited edition of twenty.

The artist writes: ‘At first glance this medal is just a simple form with not much to show, but give it more serious attention and there is a lot to surprise you. The title is inspired by the way the bronze casting has been given its final form by grinding the sides into eight asymmetrical facets. Each side has a slot, at an angle of ninety degrees to the other. Despite its asymmetry the medal can stand on each of its eight facets, which makes you think about balance. Each of the eight positions suggests known shapes and forms. At certain angles the two slots can be seen simultaneously, one vertical, the other horizontal. Perhaps this is reminiscent of a castle wall with arrow slits. By turning the medal in your hand you will see a small hole in the middle, suggesting perhaps a prehistoric monument catching the sun at a precise moment.’

‘Because of its solid character the medal may remind the viewer of a wartime bunker with horizontal viewing and shooting slits. Bunkers on the beach are often found askew and partly free from their foundation. When the medal lies flat you can see that the line dividing the two facets is not straight. This makes it almost impossible to see the medal as a square, which in reality it is. Turn the medal to a horizontal position between “”slot up”” and “”slot down””, and it changes from an open to a closed form, or, like the wings of a bird, from taking off to landing. Above all else, this is a medal that needs to be explored: take time to discover all aspects of this “”multifaceted”” medal.’

Issued in a special limited edition of 20.