Bude Waves

Bude Waves

Bude Waves


By Ron Dutton, 1995

Medium: cast bronze

Size: 94 x 98mm

Cast by: Lunt

Issue: The Medal, no 28, 1996

Edition: 28


About Bude Waves, Dutton’s fourth BAMS medal, the artist writes: “Over recent years I have been exploring parts of our coastline and making medals of its many varied aspects. In the Autumn of 1995 a visit was made to the north Devon and Cornwall coast. Bright light, racing clouds, the rise and dip of the coastal path through scuds of rain emphasised the power and majesty this coastline holds.

‘ A short steep climb crests a ridge, below the surging force of rocks massed, cracked and raised by nature’s energy, and on the distant horizon perched monuments to man’s use of nature’s forces.’