Birch Eyes and Moonshine

Birch Eyes and Moonshine

Birch Eyes and Moonshine



David Snoo Wilson (b. 1983) is an artist founder based in Bristol. He teaches foundry skills
extensively in the UK and across the Baltic.
He writes about his BAMS medal: ‘The medal Birch Eyes and Moonshine refers to
the animistic quality of a birch forest. While I was on a residency in Sweden in a rural
community where everyone in the village knows your business, there was a feeling that even
the woods were watching. Made in aluminium to depict the native birches of Sweden, the
bark texture was cast from nature. The medal follows the gradients of the tree that it was
taken from.
‘The reverse shows the moonshine of the nights and the interplay between the spirits
of the woods with the human soul, with the copper running through the two to show the
interconnections between the two worlds.’
David Snoo Wilson: Birch Eyes and Moonshine, 2022, fabricated copper and cast aluminium,
84 x 80 x 19mm. Cast and fabricated by the artist.